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Dr. Jordan Schaul is a wildlife ecologist, veterinary scientist, science writer, and former animal trainer. He held courtesy appointments in zoology and public health departments at two University of Alaska campuses. During his stints as a zoological curator and conservation biologist, he contributed to projects serving imperiled species in North America and internationally. These efforts included anti-poaching and reintroduction initiatives for conservation-sensitive species from whales and elephants to the tiniest of neotropical amphibians. Jordan has served as a board director for various environmental and social justice nonprofit organizations.  
Implementing sound and sustainable management practices for wildlands and wild species is contingent upon understanding the human dimensions of environmental issues. His focus has shifted to exploring the human condition and pressing societal issues, but the scientist-turned-media-consultant continues to find ways to dignify the burdened and oppressed through engaging multimedia projects. 
Today, he represents public figures as a publicist with a particular interest in helping develop the reach and impact of his clients' philanthropic and charitable contributions. Having held leadership positions and board directorships with various nonprofits, he aims to match influencers with compatible organizations to optimize their ability to help the underserved and marginalized.

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