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Tammy Leitner is a former network correspondent and investigative journalist. She was awarded a Peabody and Edward Murrow for her film "Toxic Secrets" and is a recipient of a dozen Emmys for her investigative reporting, which has led to:

  • changes in the law

  • exposed medical professionals abusing their power  

  • revealed domestic and international terrorism 

  • the online trafficking of human organs   


Most recently she worked as a network correspondent for NBC news, reporting for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, MSNBC and The Today Show. She traveled the world covering natural disasters, serial killers, mass shootings, the Syrian refugee exodus and International politics.


Her personal endeavors share a common theme, the pursuit of adventure as she challenges herself beyond the usual comfort zones.  She was a cast member on Survivor Marquesas, winning immunity in a battle of skill by sparring with castmates while on stilts. She’s completed an Ironman and swam alone from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore.  As an avid traveler who has explored Africa, Asia and the Middle East extensively, she continues her study of mindfulness every day following her residence at an ashram in the Himalayas practicing meditation and yoga.

Select Segments & Media Projects:

Documentary: Toxic Secrets

Nightly News Investigation: Sexual Assault Victims on Cruise Ships are Often Children

Today Show: US Doctors Offer Hope and Healing to Lost Generation

Today Show: Dire Situation in Puerto Rico

Today Show: Desperate Search for Mudslide Victims in Colombia


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